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Whole Body Vibration
-The Fitvibe Advantage

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fitvibe training programs - Your Personal Coach

Whole body vibration - training in 5 steps

Training on the fitvibe® is very similar to any other form of training. If you select the Training option, you start with easy, short sessions, and gradually progress to a more intense program. You can do this by increasing the energy level and the training effect on fitvibe®. The training schedules, appearing automatically on the fitvibe® screen will provide a perfect workout for most people as they're based upon most common training concepts in Europe and the USA.


Anyone can learn to use the fitvibe in no time. The Personal Coach asks a few questions and then generates the training plan automatically.

1. Choose the training program
2. Select a muscle group, a part of the body or total body
3 Select your personal level of training
4. Enter the week number of your training
5. Press 'START' to start the training


As there are always individual differences, what is effective for one person may not be effective for someone else. To optimize Your Personal Coach we have extended the training possibilities with fitvibe easytrain. This system gives your trainer the opportunity to personalize your training even more to your specific needs and wishes.

You can control the following parameters

1. Frequency. Increasing the frequency of the vibrations (the number of vibrations per minute) will require more muscle activity. The higher frequencies are meant for the more advanced users, where the lower frequencies are best used at the beginning of training sessions. With fitvibe® you can change the frequency gradually (1Hz a time) from 20Hz up to 60Hz.

2. Amplitude. The amplitude, the extent in vertical displacement of the fitvibe®, can be switched from low to high very easily. As the potential energy that is transmitted to the body at the high amplitude is more elevated, trainings will become heavier as well.

3. Time. Extending the time of each exercise or reducing the resting period between two exercises will influence the training effects dramatically.

4. Position. A deeper position, in which the muscles are more lengthened will increase the degree of difficulty. To stay in a deep squat position e.g. will be more difficult than a high squat position. Another way to increase difficulty in your training is raising the number of exercises or adding extra exercises to your training schedule.


Programs Available For
· Body shaping such as cellulite, fat-burning, improved blood circulation, etc.
· Specific sports programs such as skiing, football, golf, tennis and general fitness
· Balanced medical programs such as preventing osteoporosis, improving general balance and training to tackle lower back pain.


· emphasises your professionalism
· saves on personnel expenses
· turns instructors into fitvibe specialists
· helps you determine your own rate for each specific training program
· offers personal training to all users - training could not be simpler


Combine With The Intelligent Card System for the complete training solution.


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