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Whole Body Vibration
-The Fitvibe Advantage

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The Fitvibe Advantage

In Whole Body Vibration, mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the body through a vibration plate. With the fitvibe® the frequency of that vibration can be adjusted from 20 to as much as 60 Hz (20 - 60 vibrations per second). The mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex of muscles which depends on the set frequency and which causes involuntary muscle contractions. This means that the muscles react to the vibration by contracting and relaxing automatically. With frequencies of 30 Hz and higher, the tensing of the muscles is very intense and highly effective. With lower frequencies, there is an optimal relaxation effect of muscles.

In a conventional training session, only 40% of the muscle fibers are exercised; with Whole Body Vibration training that percentage reaches the 100% mark. And it's not only the muscle tissue that reacts. Application of Whole Body Vibration also has a positive effect on tendon tissue, bone tissue, the nervous system and hormonal balances

Important advantages of Whole Body Vibration compared with conventional training methods:
· Training is fun, effective and doesn't take hours!
· Device does not take up much space
· Easy to use
· Training is of short duration (average 10-15 minutes per session)
· Rapid results from the training, you'll be amazed!
· Also applicable where only low stresses can be used
· Can also be used by youngsters as well as older people
· Wide range of effects
· Versatile in terms of exercises - almost all muscle groups can be trained

The fitvibe® forms an effective component for overall training in fitness centers. It increases the results of fitness training and also adds novelty, variation and fun! With the fitvibe®, you are not only offering Total Body Training, but also relaxing 'massage training'. What's more; fitvibe® is a tool key in fitness as it enhances flexibility and range of motion while strengthening muscles and balance. The fitvibe® is the scientific answer on non-surgical body shaping. You will feel, and see the effects of fitvibe.

fitvibe offers advantages in many areas, including

· increasing muscle strength
· increasing flexibility
· fat burning
· training for endurance sports
· body shaping
· anti-aging
· preventing osteoporosis
· medical rehab
· pain reduction
· stress reduction



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