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Physio Tools Software
-Occupational Therapy
-Manual Therapy
-Condition Specific Rehabilitation
-Information and Training
-Fitness and Sports Therapy
-Equipment Specific Tools
-Professional Collection

Information and Training

Price In Euro*

Mothers & Babies
This module has been designed for use by healthcare professionals advising mothers in exercise during pregnancy and after birth, breastfeeding, baby care and baby massage (169 items)  photographs and video clips

OPM Product Code 1000812  (PT15) 



MediHelp Musculoskeletal System by The Centre for Orthopaedic Manual Therapy  
Musculo-skeletal diagnosis clearly explained e.g. tennis elbow, frozen shoulder. Information about the condition, its symptoms, tests, treatment, self-care and prognosis.  (62 items)                                                                  

OPM Product Code 1000813 (PX13)


Vertebral Column Examination and Treatment by Jan Wonnevi
Cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine/S.I. joint examination and treatment. Reading the text and watching the video is an easy way of continuously practising and improving manual skills.  (133 items) includes video clips

OPM Product Code 1000814 (PX22)  



Conditioning for Martial Arts by Greg M Benson 
Instructions in many techniques used in martial arts training including balance, breathing, stretching, jumping exercises, punches, blocks, kicks and combinations.  (150 items, 148 video clips)  photographs and video clips

OPM Product Code 1000815 (PX23) 



Breast Self-Examination for Screening by Gisela Gästrin Personal instructions for women given by health care staff in order to accomplish regular and technically correct breast self-examination for early detection of breast cancer. Includes medical information and illustrations of healthy and unhealthy breasts, a mini poster for physicians/breast specialists and a calendar card showing correct techniques for self-examination.  (40 items, 2 pdf posters)

OPM Product Code 1000816 (PX29)  



Acupuncture by Christopher Norris
Enables practitioners to determine a treatment point prescription and print out the points used to ensure accuracy of needle placement prior to treatment. Produce client handouts of acupressure trigger points e.g. sports injury, morning sickness in pregnancy, tension headaches.  (226 items)

OPM Product Code 1000817 (PX36)  



Taping Techniques (Principles and Practice) by Rose Macdonald  
Techniques on how to apply tape, bandage, padding and slings for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers, thumb, knee, patella, ankle, foot and toes.  (97 items, 26 author protocols)

OPM Product Code 1000818 (BH2) 



Sports and Exercise Injuries by Torsten Larsson and Bertil Nordström 
Information describing the relevant anatomy (shoulder, hand, hip, knee and foot), injuries as well as mechanisms of injury, tests and surgical procedures, specific conditions and advice notes.  (122 items, 40 pdf posters) colour illustrations

OPM Product Code 1000819 (PX37)



Posture, Body Mechanics & Ergonomics for the Spine & Upper Extremities by H Duane Saunders
Information on the spine and extremities, anatomical structure, posture/work habits, ergonomics, lifting and handling. (159 items)

OPM Product Code 1000820 (XP2)



*VAT and Delivery Additional

    • By purchasing the software you are licensed to use it on one computer.
    • You can use just one or you can combine several modules to produce your handout. No base modules required.
    • Text can be printed in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Estonian, Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Greek, Afrikaans, Farsi Hebrew, Japanese.  Please Note: Not all languages available with every module.



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