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Occupation Therapy Products
Bathing and Toileting

Bath Steps and Seats
-Bath Grab and Support Rails
-Bath Lifters and Hoists
-Shower Chairs
-Shower and Commode Chairs
-Commode Chairs
-Care Chairs
-Washing Aids
-Mattress Protectors
-Toilet Seats

Bedroom Comfort and Help
-Bed Gates, Levers and Rails
-Bed Raisers
-Dressing Aids
-Personal Comfort

Eating and Drinking
-Bottle Can and Jar Openers

-Feeding and Drinking Aids
-Safety Utensils
-Trays and Boards

Handling and Reaching
-Household Aids
-Non Slip Mats, Rolls and Strips
-Reaching Devices

Moving and Handling
-Lifters and Hoists
-Transfer Boards and Discs
-Turners, Belts and Sheets

Sitting and Support
-Back Supports
-Infill and Pressure Relief Cushions
-Power Lift Cushions

Handling and Reaching
Reaching Devices

E-Z Assist Reachers

A simple tool to avoid bending or stretching and that helps protect against back problems
The new E-Z Assist Reacher from Arcoa, the people who invented the rubber suction cup reacher is ideal for those who have difficulty reaching up high or down low. Also good for those items that it's better not to touch. The rubber cups can handle anything from a pin to a 2 litre bottle. Anyone with a disability, such as those who are wheelchair users will find the E-Z Assist Reacher and indispensable tool. Already used by millions of elderly and disabled people across the United States. Quality, lightweight construction, stainless steel and aluminium, so it won't rust.

It comes with a no quibble guarantee; the rubber cups are replaceable if they become damaged. Available in a number of lengths to accommodate all reaching needs.

This version comes with a lock which allows both hands the freedom to lift without the need to grip.

OPM Product Code 1000337

Handi Reachers

Like an extra pair of hands
An extremely light but strong reacher that helps with every kind of task, from dressing to collecting garden refuse. The trigger is operated by all four fingers, making it very easy to use.

Incorporates a dressing hook
Magnet for retrieving metal objects
Swivelling jaw avoids need to rotate wrist
Standard and extra long versions

Handi-Reacher™ 613mm (24") 180g
OPM Product Code 1000338

Handi-Reacher™ 766mm (30") 200g
OPM Product Code 1000339

Helping Hand Reacher

Pick up items without bending
An indispensable tool for people with limited mobility. Light weight and positive action. Perfect for picking clothing off the floor or from out-of-reach cupboards.

Standard length 660mm (26")/ 275g
OPM Product Code 1000340

Long length 825mm (32")/ 340g
OPM Product Code 1000341


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