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Occupation Therapy Products
Bathing and Toileting

Bath Steps and Seats
-Bath Grab and Support Rails
-Bath Lifters and Hoists
-Shower Chairs
-Shower and Commode Chairs
-Commode Chairs
-Care Chairs
-Washing Aids
-Mattress Protectors
-Toilet Seats

Bedroom Comfort and Help
-Bed Gates, Levers and Rails
-Bed Raisers
-Dressing Aids
-Personal Comfort

Eating and Drinking
-Bottle Can and Jar Openers

-Feeding and Drinking Aids
-Safety Utensils
-Trays and Boards

Handling and Reaching
-Household Aids
-Non Slip Mats, Rolls and Strips
-Reaching Devices

Moving and Handling
-Lifters and Hoists
-Transfer Boards and Discs
-Turners, Belts and Sheets

Sitting and Support
-Back Supports
-Infill and Pressure Relief Cushions
-Power Lift Cushions

Eating and Drinking
Safety Utensils

Clyde grater, scraper and spike

Vegetable preparation centre
Ingenious multi-purpose kitchen aid has a mesh blade for peeling and grating and a stainless steel spike for holding vegetables when preparing with a manual peeler.

Strong all-steel construction
Durable epoxy coating for non-stainless parts

OPM Product Code 1000299

Vegetable Workstation

Designed for one - handed use, this clever workstation is held in position by non- slip rubber feet. Ideal for scraping potatoes, carrots and other vegetables firmly for cutting.

OPM Product Code 1000300


Swedish Fix-It

The fix it preparation board is a versatile kitchen aid that helps the user carry out a variety of cooking tasks with just one hand, e.g chopping, slicing, grating, mixing and peeling. The board remains stable on the work surface by the non slip suction pads on it's base and features an easy to operate clamp for holding kitchen equipment or food steady. Adjustable pegs hold small and large items securely. A spike holds food items steadily for peeling or grating and can be removed when a flat surface is required. A locking lever is also provided.

OPM Product Code 1000301

Cooking Basket

Cook and strain vegetables without lifting hot and heavy pans
Cook and strain vegetables without lifting hot and heavy pans

Made from stainless steel, the cooking basket fits inside a saucepan. Just lift the basket and vegetables; avoids the need to lift pans of hot water.

Insulated flame retardant nylon handle

OPM Product Code 1000302

Good Grips Soft Handled Kitchen Scissors

Tough scissors that are easy on the hands
These easy-to-use kitchen scissors feature strong and sharp stainless steel blades, with a notched blade for cutting through poultry bones. The soft, pressure absorbing handles give a Galaxy S4 Cases Canada supremely comfortable grip, and a safety lock protects against accidents.

Soft handles reduce the strain of cutting
Dishwasher safe
Spring open action for easy cutting
Sturdy stainless steel blades

OPM Product Code 1000303

Good Grips Swivel Peeler

The sharp stainless steel blade glides through even the toughest fruit and vegetable skins while the cushioned non slip handle ensures the user retains control even with wet hands.

Sharp, rustproof stainless steel blade
Grip designed to reduce hand strain
Built-in potato eyer
Dishwasher safe

OPM Product Code 1000304

Jug Kettle Tipper

Safe pouring from jug kettles
Designed specifically for jug kettles, this sturdy coated wire tipper is easy and safe to use. Stand the kettle on the tipper and fill with water from a jug.

Not suitable for cordless kettles.

OPM Product Code 1000305

Kettle Tipper

For any kettle or teapot
A wonderful safety aid, the kettle tipper allows anyone with weak hands to pour boiling water or hot tea accurately and without lifting.

There's no need to lift a heavy kettle again - simply keep the kettle on the tipper and fill with water from a jug.

Kettle held securely by Velcro strap
Simple to use

Not suitable for cordless kettles.

OPM Product Code 1000306

Lifestyle Essentials™ Grip Cutlery

Designed for those with limited handgrip - ideal with clients suffering with arthritis. Soft and comfortable, the ergonomically contoured handle fits almost any hand, with a good grip even when wet.

Available in dark grey or ivory.

OPM Product Code 1000307


Lightweight Cutlery

These stainless steel utensils have light foam handles which are easy to hold.

Lightweight knife 44g
OPM Product Code 1000308

Lightweight fork 34g
OPM Product Code 1000309

Lightweight spoon 42g
OPM Product Code 1000310

Lightweight teaspoon
OPM Product Code 1000311

Complete lightweight set
OPM Product Code 1000312

Ultralite Large Handled Knife

Easy to grip and very lightweight, Ultralite cutlery has built-up foam handles that make them easier to use than standard cutlery. Includes an l shaped knife for easy cutting. Note that these are NOT Dishwasher Safe.

OPM Product Code 1000313


Easy Grip Large Handles

Featuring built up handles that screw on and off the cutlery easily and remain securely in place during use. The user feels confident that the handles will not slip off the utensils and will find the comfortable handles easy to grip. Dishwasher safe if the handles are removed first.

OPM Product Code 1000314


Dyna Fork - Right Handed

Designed for one handed eating, this fork has an extra wide prong which is sharpened to enable the fork to be used for cutting. Dishwasher safe.

OPM Product Code 1000315


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