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Occupation Therapy Products
Bathing and Toileting

Bath Steps and Seats
-Bath Grab and Support Rails
-Bath Lifters and Hoists
-Shower Chairs
-Shower and Commode Chairs
-Commode Chairs
-Care Chairs
-Washing Aids
-Mattress Protectors
-Toilet Seats

Bedroom Comfort and Help
-Bed Gates, Levers and Rails
-Bed Raisers
-Dressing Aids
-Personal Comfort

Eating and Drinking
-Bottle Can and Jar Openers

-Feeding and Drinking Aids
-Safety Utensils
-Trays and Boards

Handling and Reaching
-Household Aids
-Non Slip Mats, Rolls and Strips
-Reaching Devices

Moving and Handling
-Lifters and Hoists
-Transfer Boards and Discs
-Turners, Belts and Sheets

Sitting and Support
-Back Supports
-Infill and Pressure Relief Cushions
-Power Lift Cushions

Bedroom Comfort and Help
Personal Comfort

Knee Support

Relieves pressure on back and hips
The knee support protects muscles and tendons from overstretching which often leads to morning aches and pains. Fitted with an easy-to-use velcro touch close fastening.

OPM Product Code 1000268


Leg Lifter Strap

Move stiff or immobile legs
The webbing strap with stiffened seam stem makes it easy to move legs in bed, a wheelchair or on a footstool. Just fit the upper loop over a hand or wrist, then slide the lower stiffened loop over the foot.

Leg lifter strap - Length 864mm (34")/ Weight 78g

OPM Product Code 1000269

Leg Lift - Air

Designed for people who have difficulty raising their legs or with restricted lower limb mobility. The Leg-Lift Air raises the users legs easily and comfortably. Easily portable and adjustable to fit most beds, settees and chairs. Provides leg elevation to assist users with a variety of conditions such as oedema and lower limb swelling. Can be used alone or in conjunction with the bed sit.Angle can be varied. Easy to use with an ergonomically designed handset

OPM Product Code 1000270


Leg Raiser Cushion

Relieve back pain and symptoms of oedema
The leg raiser supports the back of the knee and heel, allowing the calf to relax.

Heel area 200mm (8") deep
Calf area 100mm (4") deep
Thigh area 150mm (6") deep

OPM Product Code 1000271

Mattress Bed Wedge

Pillow boost, back rest or leg raiser
Placed under an existing mattress to give a 5" tilt at the top or bottom of the bed. It can help relieve symptoms of oedema, varicose veins, lower back pain and general fatigue. Sits at the head of the bed to alleviate hiatus hernia and respiratory difficulties.

540x540x130mm deep, reducing to 10mm deep
(21.5"x21.5"x5" deep, reducing to 0.5" deep)

OPM Product Code 1000272

Universal Mattress Elevator

Designed to allow those confined in bed for long periods to sit or lie comfortably with higher degree of independence. The universal Mattress Elevator smoothly rises and reclines from a 10-70 degree angle. Operated via a ahand control, the mains operated elevator is complete with easy to fit straps to secure the frame firmly in postion. The elevator is width adjustable so that pne size fits single, double and king size beds and spares are available making it suitable for refurbishment. Wipe clean with non- abrasive cream cleaners. Use on divan beds only. Not for use with orthapedic beds.

OPM Product Code 1000273

Sculpted Pillow

The best selling Putnams pillow is made from high quality foam cleverly sculpted to cradle the patient's head, support the neck and correctly align their spine.
Covered in 100% soft cotton jersey
Fits in a standard pillow case
Aligns spine whether sleeping on side or back
Simply roll up to pack for travel
Contoured ventilation
Ear recess for side sleeping
Curved for shoulders
Rounded soft neck support

the Royal for single pillow height
OPM Product Code 1000274

the King for double height
OPM Product Code 1000275


Mould To Shape Pillow

Made from the latest Visco memory material, this amazing pillow reacts to body heat and automatically moulds to fit the patient's head and neck.

Continuously adjusts as the user moves

Made from memory foam, originally developed for astronauts by NASA

Fits standard pillow case


the Royal for single pillow height
OPM Product Code 1000276

the King for double height
OPM Product Code 1000277

Divan Overbed Table

Many beds are too low to the ground to accommodate overbed tables with castors. Designed for use with divans this overbed table solves the problem- its base is made of smooth tubular steelso that it can slide easily along the floor.

OPM Product Code 1000278


Overbed Trolley Table

This useful table is height adjustable and includes the option to tilt the table top up to 35 degrees. Constructed from steel tubing for extra durability, it is complete with castors to assist ease of movement between chair and bed. Supplied flat packed simple assmbly.

OPM Product Code 1000279


Cozy Foam Overlay


For those at a low medium risk of developing pressure ulcers, the Cozyfoam overlay is ideal for use on static mattresses to provide comfortable and effective pressure reduction in a domestic or nursing environment. The CMHR foam allows free airflow benmeath the patient and includes a castellated upper surface to relieve high pressure points. Available to fit single and double.Wipe clean.

OPM Product Code 1000280

Premium Bed Pad

Premion Bed Pad, 3 litre, includes useful tuck in flaps

OPM Product Code 1000281


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