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Occupation Therapy Products
Bathing and Toileting

Bath Steps and Seats
-Bath Grab and Support Rails
-Bath Lifters and Hoists
-Shower Chairs
-Shower and Commode Chairs
-Commode Chairs
-Care Chairs
-Washing Aids
-Mattress Protectors
-Toilet Seats

Bedroom Comfort and Help
-Bed Gates, Levers and Rails
-Bed Raisers
-Dressing Aids
-Personal Comfort

Eating and Drinking
-Bottle Can and Jar Openers

-Feeding and Drinking Aids
-Safety Utensils
-Trays and Boards

Handling and Reaching
-Household Aids
-Non Slip Mats, Rolls and Strips
-Reaching Devices

Moving and Handling
-Lifters and Hoists
-Transfer Boards and Discs
-Turners, Belts and Sheets

Sitting and Support
-Back Supports
-Infill and Pressure Relief Cushions
-Power Lift Cushions

Bedroom Comfort and Help
Bed Gates, Levers Rails and Aids

Bed Lever / Grab Rail

When Liftwell introduced the Bed Leaver® bed grab rail in 1990 it brought a whole new approach to the difficulties of getting in and out of bed.

The design provides an object lesson in strength and durability.

The baseboard is made from high grade hardwood ply which will not crack or split. A deep polished end block of close grained beech hardwood is attached permanently to the baseboard by both glue and screws. The strong steel rail fits into holes drilled only part way through the end block and is secured by screws. This ensures the bed grab rail is totally rigid.

All surfaces are protected by a tough easy-clean finish. The base and end block are sealed with polyurethane lacquer while the steel handle is hot dipped with a hard nylon coating which is many times tougher than the finish used for lesser products.

You may notice the base is left unpolished. This is to provide extra grip.

Even the straps cannot be bettered. Manufactured by a company that supplies the military, they're immensely strong and are long enough to fit even a king size bed.

Bed Leaver® bed grab rail
OPM Product Code 1000244

Bed Leaver® bed grab rail with strap

OPM Product Code 1000245

Width 330mm (13")
Length 600mm (23.5")
Handle height 500mm (19.5")
Weight 4kg
Max user weight 108kg (17st)

Bed Gate / Grab Rail

This cleverly designed bed grab rail reduces the need for assistance by making it easy for users to transfer from their divan bed to a wheelchair, walker or bedside commode. It simply locks in place at the side of a divan bed to help the user move. But when it's time to get into or out of bed, the Bedgate™ bed rail unlocks and pivots out to bridge the gap between the bed and wheelchair. This provides more support with less reaching or twisting.

The support frame and rail are strongly constructed from high grade tubular steel with a durable easy-clean nylon finish. The rail feet are fitted with rubber ferrules to protect the floor and provide firm grip.

Fitting is easy. Simply slide the support frame between the box spring and mattress and Hatsune Miku Cosplay secure the safety straps. The rail automatically sets its own height.

Please note: while the Bedgate™ can prevent rolling out of bed, it was not primarily designed for this purpose. High risk cases should be protected by a full rail system.

OPM Product Code 1000246

Width 365mm (14.5")
Length 620mm (24.5")
Handle height 470mm (18.5")
Max user weight 108kg (17st)


Easy Lever Bed Grab Rail

For people who prefer an all-metal bed grab rail, there really is nothing on the market to equal the Easyleaver® for quality and durability.

Manufactured from high grade steel tube using our patented Torque Tube™ construction, this superb bed grab rail is immensely strong and rigid.

The complete lack of flexing ensures that none of the client's pulling effort is wasted - while the central bar provides an extra grab handle and allows the Easyleaver® to sit comfortably within bar spacing guidelines.

Universally smooth surfaces and a detergent resistant finish make it simple to clean the Easyleaver® thoroughly. The exceptionally tough nylon finish also protects the steel against rusting, even after many years of constant use.

The Easyleaver® is very quick and easy to assemble without tools. A single clip fixes the components securely in place. Dismantling is just as quick, making it ideal for frequent re-allocation or travelling.

OPM Product Code 1000247

Width 440mm (17")
Length 780mm (31")
Handle height 470mm (18.5")
Weight 4.3kg
Max user weight 160kg (25st)


A heavy duty version is available for patients weighing up to 160kg (25st).

OPM Product Code 1000669



Easy Rail Bed Grab Rail The Easyrail® is specially designed to fit those beds where the mattress sits within a side frame, for example slatted beds. Like the Easyleaver®, it's manufactured to a very high standard from smoothly finished steel tube protected by a tough nylon coating for easy cleaning and good control of cross infection.

Exceptionally strong, the Easyrail® is suitable for users up to 127kg (20st).

The Easyrail® is very easy to assemble and dismantle and packs flat to fit the smallest car or save space in the store.

Easyrail® bed grab rail - single

Width 450mm (17.5")
Length 670mm (26.5")
Handle height 470mm (18.5")
Weight 3.5kg
Max user weight 127kg (20st)

OPM Product Code 1000248


Easyrail® bed grab rail - double

Width 450mm (17.5")
Length 972mm min (38" min) / 1575mm max (62" max)
Handle height 470mm (18.5")
Weight 6.85kg
Max user weight 127kg (20st)

OPM Product Code 1000249

Rise Easy Bed Aid

The Rise Easy swing away support rail is designed to assist the user in rising from or sitting up in bed, without interfering with bedclothes. Easily secured with an adjustable base plate that fits under the legs or wheels of a bed. Suitable for all types of beds including divans. Available in a single or double bed version. Can be used on either the left or right hand side of the bed. Constructed from sturdy epoxy coated steel.

OPM Product Code 1000250

Chrome Bed Stick

Designed to enable the user to pull themselves upright when in bed or assist with changing lying position. Provides additional support when getting into or out of bed. Width adjustable, it fits easily underneath the mattress. The chrome plated steel telescopic frame with loop handgrips is designed to fit divan bed widths from 914-1370mm Not suitable for slatte or hospital beds.

OPM Product Code 1000251


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