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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Equipment

OPM Limited are pleased to offer a wide range of upper body and semi-recumbent cycles. Call or email us for more information.


Upper Body Cycle

Incorporating two universally accepted and scientifically proven cycling resistance modes into a versatile ergometer the range of Upper Body Cycle's offered by OPM Limited meet the demands of any orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiac, sports medicine, wellness, or general conditioning program.

Use the Upper Body Cycle anywhere. There is no need for AC power at work rates at or above 30 watts and 50 rpms. The battery-supported system maintains all settings and LED displays before and after cycling. The internal battery is automatically recharged when work rates reach or exceed 30 watts and 50 rpms. An AC adapter is provided for extended use at work rates below 30 watts and 50 rpms

  • Self-powered, self-charging, cordless capability
    - use it anywhere!
  • Pivoting actuator - accommodates wide range of
    cycling positions
  • Instantaneous retro-cycling
  • 10 to 600-watt work rate range to accommodate a wide spectrum of patient profiles
  • Two resistance modes - Constant power
    (effort level control) for aerobic exercise
    - Isokinetic (speed control) for building strength
  • Five pre-programmed exercise profiles - 39 effort levels,
    20 speed settings
  • Heart rate monitoring - Polar® Telemetry
  • Easy-to-use "Quick-Start" control panel - with large
  • Large, easy-to-view LED display
  • Ergonomically correct for patients from 4'6" to 6'10" tall,
    and weighing up to 500 lb
  • Removable seat for wheelchair or standing access


  • Large rotating seat with seat belt and grab handles - easier wheelchair transfers - belt and handles provide added security, especially for patients with balance deficiency or palsy
  • EZ-Grip™ handgrips allow patients with hand control limitations to hold onto crank handles

OPM Product Code 1000698


Semi-Recumbent Cycle

The elliptical motion of this semi-recumbent cycle offered by OPM Limited is naturally smooth and continuous; very different from the stuttering stop-start motion associated with other recumbent steppers. The step-through frame, simple, easy to see and use "Smart" display and comfortable, robust design make the BioStep the obvious choice for cross training.

The Biodex BioStep Helps Patients and their Therapists Achieve Multiple Rehabilitation Objectives

  • Elliptical motion - provides smooth continuous
    "zero joint impact" exercise
  • Self-powered, self-charging, cordless capability
    - use it anywhere
  • 1:1 arm to leg motion - for natural arm swing rhythm
  • Rotating seat to 90° on either side and step-through design - for easy and safe entry and exit
  • Optimized seat height - for wheelchair transfers and controlled hip flexion
  • 10 watts to 600 watts - to accommodate a wide spectrum of users
  • Constant resistance with 30 effort levels and profiles - provides greater program options
  • Integral contact and Polar® Telemetry heart rate monitoring - to ensure proper training intensity
  • Sturdy, well-placed grab handles to facilitate patient transfer
  • Large easy-to-use "Quick Start" display - features time, RPM, watts, calories, METs, total steps (standard model only), heart rate; plus "Smart" preprogrammed exercise profiles that automatically adjust effort levels.
  • Large utility holder
    - provides a convenient storage place for water bottles and allows for hands-free reading
  • RS-232 communication port - data collection software is available
  • Robust design - for heavy institutional uses
  • Optional Stabilization Package - movable armrests, trunk belt, foot straps and EZ- Grip™ handgrips - optional
    on all models


  • Isokinetic mode (speed control) - for building strength is included on the BioStep Clinical Pro

OPM Product Code 1000699


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